Sri Lanka

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Where aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper, and mace romanticize the air, tantalizing the senses – a spice garden is what it is; giving every visitor an in depth view of an ancient spice producing industry; which had enticed many Arab and European traders who docked at every port of ancient Ceylon.

When visiting a spice garden, you will discover the different types of herbs and spices of Sri Lanka’s pride, its uses and benefits. Learn how the spices are produced from its growing methods to its harvest. With an ambience of solitude and peace, you get close to nature. Since most spices cannot be grown in a single garden due to its different soil and climate requirements, they are grown in separate individual areas. Therefore tour guides are on offer for the guidance and exploration for each garden.
Try out amazing meals prepared with the spices that you would love to taste. Opportunities for purchase on various products made with the spices are available which can be either natural cosmetics or traditional herbal remedies. Some gardens offer ayurvedic massages with oils made with the herbs and spices for complete rejuvenation and relaxation which could be ideal for the tired visitor.

Many spice gardens exist in and around Kandy such as the New Ranweli Spice Garden in Kandy which is located within the Royal Peradeniya Gardens, New Paradise Spice and Herbal Garden in Mawanella which is on the way to Kandy, Isiwara Ayurvedic Village in Matale which is an hour drive away from Kandy.