Sri Lanka

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Watersport activities – Bentota

Water sports activities are a highlight of the Beach Bliss honeymoon package’s third destination, which takes place in Bentota, a coastal town on Sri Lanka’s southwestern coast. Bentota is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, with its calm waters and beautiful beaches offering the perfect setting for adventure and fun.

The package includes a range of water sports activities that cater to different skill levels and interests. Jet skiing is one of the most popular activities, offering a thrilling way to explore the stunning coastal areas of Bentota. Couples can ride powerful watercraft at high speeds, feeling the rush of the wind and waves around them. It’s a great way to experience

the thrill of speed and adventure on the water.

Banana boat rides are another popular water sports activity included in the package, which is ideal for couples who want to experience something fun and exciting together. Riding on an inflatable banana-shaped boat pulled by a speedboat is an exhilarating experience that is sure to bring laughter and joy to any couple. It’s also a great way to bond and make memories together.

In addition to these activities, the package also includes snorkeling, which allows couples to explore the underwater world of Bentota’s coastal regions. The crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life make it an ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. Couples can discover a world of vibrant coral reefs, colorful fish, and other marine creatures in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Overall, the water sports activities in Bentota provide a unique and thrilling experience for honeymooners, adding an element of adventure and excitement to their romantic getaway. The combination of thrilling water sports, stunning coastal scenery, and luxurious amenities make the Beach Bliss honeymoon package an unforgettable experience for couples visiting Sri Lanka.